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In 2007, our founder and CEO, Vinit Durgeshwar, was working as an auditor, accounted, Digital promotion, firm here in Jodhpur, Rajasthan , India. Most CEOs have given up on their accounting departments. In their minds, the accountant is someone who pushes paper and tries to come up with reports that are 30 to 60 days late. Most people have an accountant because they know they should, not because they’re getting something valuable out of the relationship.

This gap between the CEO and the accountant is what we’re targeting. We want to close it. Completely. In order to make a business profitable, bookkeeping, tax and coaching have to work together. To date, we have served as the small business accounting firm for over 130 companies.

We are a global professional services firm delivering business process management, consulting, and technology solutions to businesses since 2007. Our extensive suite of solutions spans across multiple industries, helping you achieve enhanced agility through transformed customer experiences.

From Rajasthan to Mumbai all over India, we connect every dot, rethink every process, and redefine businesses’ way of working. We understand our client’s vision, then devise performance accelerating strategies for them, and deliver unmatched outcomes throughout the business lifecycle. Irrespective of what it is, we promise we’ll be there with you through thick and thin!


Our Services

Our Mision

At PS TECH, our mission is to be more than just a traditional accounting firm, it is to become a partner with our client and be an advisory source to help guide you in the right direction to achieve your personal and business financial goals. By implementing a partnership approach, as a team, we are able to build on the higher level of trust and understanding that is formed, thus improving the quality of service

Our Focus

Our focus is to offer innovation and forward-looking ideas to combat the ever-changing financial horizon. In addition to offering a traditional menu of planning and tax services, we have now expanded and offer a customizable suite of services that can include  business valuation, payroll services, litigation consulting, software consulting, financial services and other non-traditional services.

Our Philosophy

As a small local firm, we have been rooted in our community for over 15 years and have a recognized track record for delivering high-impact solutions for a variety of financial and business needs. The driving force behind our firm has and always will be our expectations of offering the highest quality professional services combined with one-on-one personal attention to our clients.

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Vinit Durgeshwar




Miss Aakansha Bhati Content Ceater

MR. Aakash Vyas Developer

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