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Book Keeping Service

Small businesses today need a strong network of support — from advice about tax issues and employee benefits, to assistance with technology and marketing.

PS TECH can be a trusted partner in that network. PS TECH provides the accounting support you need. By focusing on ways to maximize tax savings, utilizing the most effective technologies, and maintaining an impeccable reputation, we support your success at every step. TE TECH  provides a variety of accounting, tax, and financial services to Small business owners.

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Tax planning
  • Outsourced accounting and bookkeeping
  • Financial statement preparation
  • QuickBooks support
  • New business advisor
  • Compilations, reviews and audits
  • Payroll
  • Budgets and financial projections
  • Business plan development
  • Business loan assistance
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Retirement planning
  • College savings planning
  • Succession planning
  • Digital Promotion & Solution


GST Registration

GST will be taxed with both CGST and SGST. In the case of inter-state trade in goods and services, the IGST will be levied. IGST will be collected by the Central Government and distributed with the state, leading to a seamless national market with less compliance. Duty-free exports and free movement of GST will help businesses, especially retail and commercial sales.

Since technology are going to be used heavily to drive the GST on-line process, taxpayers can have a common portal (GSTN). The GST registration online procedures for various processes like registration, tax etc.

PS TECH providing all services on your door. 

Outsourced Financial Analytics

If you are feeling like you don’t have the necessary insight into your business, our financial analytics outsourcing services are here to help.
With our financial data analysts a part of your team, your business will have the information it needs to reduce and control costs, increase profits, maximize cash flow – all while achieving measurable growth.


Fully Accountable offers data analyst experts who create financial reports for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re looking for expert financial analysis, or simply want to automate your accounting reports, we’ve got you covered.

With a dedicated financial analyst, your back office will have the targeted insights it needs to identify and fix leaky buckets and grow profit. Gain a complete picture of your business. Partner with a team of dedicated stats analysts and CFOs that will perform an ongoing analysis of your organization’s key performance indicators, like:

  • Sales
  • Net Income
  • Profit Margins
  • Product Cost Percentage
  • YTD Net Operating Income
  • CPA
  • AOV
  • Paid Media Performance
  • Performance Trends

Strategic Tax Planning for Businesses

Tax planning affects your bottom line and provides peace of mind with compliance to IRS standards. Our strategic tax planning services help you reduce tax liabilities and ensure you take full advantage of your tax benefits.

At Fully Accountable, we have years of valuable experience in India tax legislation. We keep up-to-date on all tax changes to ensure preparation and accuracy. When you use our strategic tax professionals, you can seamlessly navigate all your tax complexities. 

  • Preparation

    Expert on-time preparation of local, state, and federal returns for you and your business.

  • Planning

    Strategic tax planning sessions with your Smart Books tax advisor that optimize your tax strategy.

  • Strategy

    Expert support and consulting from your Smart Books tax team available as needed throughout the year.

Financial Analysis

Whether you’re a $50 million dollar manufacturing business or a $10 million dollar service business, day to day accounting, cash management and forecasting and actionable financial analysis are essential to your growth and success.

At PS TECH Analytics we provide outsourced accounting solutions that work with your existing accounting resources to guide your business to increase profits and productivity.


We’ll take the time to learn more about your business plans so we can recommend the right entity type. We’ll explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type of business entity so you can be confident that your choice not only suits your business needs now, but also minimizes future tax liability and increases profits. We’ll also set up your accounting and bookkeeping processes to make tracking expenses easy and preparing for tax time a snap. Once your new operation has hit the ground running, we’ll continue to be the trusted member of your team that you can turn to for financial advice and direction.

Technology Solutions

In a world driven by internet , Online Software For Accounts,  mobile applications, Digital Promotion technology has become an integral part of how business is conducted. Adapting to new-age technologies, enabling digital transformation of operations and processes and driving efficiencies in deliveries are the need of the hour for every business enterprise.

PS TECH with its suite of technology solutions, is geared to partnering with organizations, big and small, to help them evaluate their technology options and work with them to upscale their technology infrastructure, be it the ERP systems, application software, cloud migrations, infrastructure surveillance or digital footprint in the world of social media. Our team of IT experts offer reliable and flexible solutions at affordable and predictable costs to enterprises with a digital transformation agenda.

PS TECH offers a suite of digital marketing services that covers the entire gamut of online and social channels. Our solutions will make your campaigns more effective, increase your brand reach, improve return on investment, streamline your lead generation paving the way for faster customer acquisition, servicing and after-sales management.

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