Document Type CodeEvery type of document has a code and this must be specified in this portion.
Supplier Legal NameThe name of the supplier according to the PAN card details.
Supplier GSTINThe supplier GSTIN for e-invoice.
Supplier AddressThe full address of the supplier including flat number, building no. etc.
Supplier PlaceThe city/village/town of the supplier must be specified here.
Supplier State CodeThe state must be selected.
Supplier PincodeThe six-digit pin code of the supplier’s address.
Document NumberA unique invoice number that makes sense to the business. It has to be sequential for easy identification.
Preceding Invoice Reference and DateThe original invoice details are being edited using a document such as a credit note.
Document DateThe date on which the invoice was issued.
Recipient Legal NameThe name of the buyer is specified as per his PAN card.
Recipient’s GSTINThe buyer’s GSTIN needs to be specified.
Recipient’s AddressThe detailed address of the buyer has to be specified.
Recipient’s State CodeThe place of supply has to be specified.
Place of Supply State CodeThe state of the recipient has to be selected.
PincodeThe location of the recipient has to be selected.
Recipient PlaceThe village/town/city of the recipient has to be specified.
Invoice Reference Number or IRNThe supplier leaves the field empty at the time of registration and after that GSTIN generates a unique number when the e-invoice is uploaded on the GSTN portal. As the e-invoice is accepted, acknowledgment is sent. Before the use of an e-invoice, the IRN has to be displayed on it.
Shipping To GSTINGSTIN of the person the item is being delivered to.
Shipping To State, Pincode and State CodeThis field specifies the place where the goods and services are delivered.
Dispatch From Name, Address, Place and PincodeThe name of the dispatching entity along with the city/town/village specifics.
Is ServiceIf supply of service has to be specified.
Supply Type CodeThe type of supply and its responding code is specified. It can be supply to SEZ, B2B, etc.
Item DescriptionThe item’s description.
HSN CodeThe particular code for the goods or services.
Item PriceThe GST exclusive unit price prior to the item price discount being subtracted. This value must be positive.
Assessable ValueThe item’s price excluding GST and after the item price discount has been subtracted.
GST RateThe rate of the specific item for which the invoice has been generated.
IGST Value, CGST Value and SGST Value SeparatelyEvery item must have IGST, SGST, and CGST.
Total Invoice ValueThe total value including GST.

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